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Home Improvement

Bradco is aware of the many ways your home can be damaged by the elements, leaky pipes, poor construction, lack of maintenance or just from getting older. We have 15 years experience of doing repairs. Once we fix the damage you will be able to feel confident that our work is solid.

Some areas we commonly repair include:


Heater cables: Snowy Ohio winters wreak havoc on roofs. Many people find their roofs have leaks due to ice back up. Bradco provides ice chipping and snow removal that will expose the problem area to enable us to stop leaks until the weather allows a repair to be made permanently. Prevent ice back up on your roof by having Bradco install heater cables ANY TIME OF YEAR.

Gutter screens: Getting up on a ladder to clean the stinky muck out of the gutters is an undesirable task for many homeowners. However, lack of this type of maintenance can cause issues like ice back up, water back up in down spouts and drain tiles, and can even cause water to enter your home. While Bradco will gladly do your gutter cleaning for you, we will also install gutter screens to relieve you of future gutter cleanings.

For more information on heater cables and gutter screens, call, text or email Bob at Bradco right away!

Our crew is tightly organized, and we get projects done on time and on budget. We have a highly professional work ethic. We would love to hear from you soon. Grab the nearest phone and dial the number to our office right now to discuss repairs and home improvements in Northeast Ohio.